About me

Hello. I’m Alice Tamara, a medical student from Faculty of Medicine University of Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Initially, this website is made for clarifying all medical hoaxes and even certain home remedies which state that they are true. This clarification will be followed by scientific proofs by researches and experts opinion towards it; giving you accountable information towards medicine.

Secondly, I believe that it is better to prevent than to cure. Eventually, everything which happens in our bodies will be influenced by such environment factors as diet and lifestyle. Therefore, I also want to give you some tips regarding healthy lifestyle.

Last but not least, this website will also contain all my thoughts towards medical world, including my recommendations, opinions, etc.

I’ll be writing this website using both English and Indonesian. I really hope you can enjoy reading this website! I appreciate all of your comments and feedbacks towards this website! Thank you for your attention. 😀


Best regards,

Alice Tamara